9-5 Detox

Let's be real.  You are tired.  Tired of punching that time clock everyday.  Tired of the office politics.  Tired of doing the same routine day in and day out.  Tired of feeling overworked and under appreciated.  Tired of being scrutinized and written up for nonsense.  You know more than your manager does however he makes the big bucks while you have to train the new girl coming in next week plus still get all your work done.  The chick that sits across from you has the loudest, most irritating voice you've ever heard.  Customers are angry because of missed deadlines that had nothing to do with you.  You missed your son's last parents day lunch at school because you couldn't get the time off to attend.  You're stressed out, your stomach hurts, you go home with headaches and you are completely OVER IT!


Sometimes all we need is a break, a detox of sorts from the 9-5 grind, to re-energize and bring ourselves back to a place of peace and less stress.  Your mind, body and soul are crying out to you to slow down and allow yourself time for self-care.  Are you listening?

The 9-5 Detox Box is all about taking care of YOU.  Yes, you.  Every quarter we will send you special treats that you can use at home, and even some you can use at work, that will help bring you back to a place of peace and relaxation.  It is time for you to feel appreciated and who better to do that than you?