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So, this is my story. I'll try to be brief.


Hey there!  My name is Bre and I'm the founder of Eff The Cubicle.  It has taken me some time to write this post, I'd say, oh about four years (which is about how old this picture is, smh).  

You see, I started Eff the Cubicle in  2014, at least I think that is when I did, and just knew that it was going to be "it".  You know, that thing that was going to liberate me from the depths of despair (cubicle hell) and launch me into unheard of levels of fame and fortune.  

Clearly I was an idiot.

I was going to tell everyone from coast to coast (and from sea to shining sea) to flip over their desks, raise their fists in solidarity and just go do whatever the hell you want. Freedom, baby, YEAH!!!! LOL. I was going to inspire the masses to live their best lives, buy that domain, take that trip, start that business, be free, quit that job and collect all the monies.

From 2014 until now, you know how much of that I've done?  Zilch.  Zero.  Rien.  Nada.  Not a damn thing.

It's funny because I had such big aspirations but life (and God) continuously showed me that you can't anticipate everything that will come your way.  Within the last few years I've been on medical leave twice (once for depression and once for fibroids), got engaged, got unengaged, I was hospitalized and lastly, tragically, I lost my little brother a couple of months ago.  How could anyone plan for that?  But honestly, that time away from ETC matured me and helped me see myself and ETC in a whole new light.  I'm grateful for this new viewpoint.

Out of everything though losing my brother is what hit and hurt me the most.  For many years I've had the luxury of taking time for granted but with his death I realize how foolish that was.  And as I start the healing process only one thing keeps tickling the edge of my mind and that is this place, Eff The Cubicle.  ETC is an extension of me, so though I'd store it away for months at a time I'd always circle back to it.  

These days, though I still cry a lot I'm also very optimistic.  I'm optimistic that there is still time for me to have the freedom I crave.  Freedom from debt, time clocks, living paycheck to paycheck and saying that I can't.  I'm sure that you can relate.


With that said, consider this post the official launch for ETC.  I am blessed and excited to finally get this going.  It is my dream for ETC to be a resource for anyone that considers themselves a side-hustler, dreamer, mogul in the making or entrepreneur.  Here you will find articles and discussions about helpful topics like how to launch a biz, making graphics in Canva, maintaining a positive mindset, finding support systems and even tools that will help keep you on track of your goals.  

Aye, and did I mention the ETC podcast is coming soon!?!?!  I'm nervous as hell but excited to get that going too.  

I'll wrap things up for now but I wanted to first say Thank You.  Thank you for joining me on this journey of self discovery and entrepreneurism.  We can make anything happen as long as we stay focused and never stop believing that we got this!  If you find you need encouragement along the way you are welcome to email me at

Let's talk soon,


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