ETC 16: Six Resources to Help You Step Yo Game Up!

Hey, Hey!

It's another wonderful Monday (side-eye haha!) which means it's time for a new Eff The Cubicle episode.  

I've been asked a few times what resources I use in my side-hustle for tasks including graphics and scheduling so I thought I'd do a quick show today to share them.  Some of them are free.99 and others cost a few bucks per month.  I hope that you find them helpful.

Resources: - Use this to create graphics, book covers, letterhead and even resumes. - Need help staying on top of scheduling appointments?  Try this! - Want to create a quick soundbite to post on social media?  Give them a whirl.  - Need to create quick graphics on the go?  Here's a quick way to do it! - Want to unwind and reset your focus?  Feeling a bit anxious?  You'll love trying out this app.

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