ETC 15: Johanna "Earthly Bodies" Ramos

Hey guys!  

Today I sat down and chatted with Johanna Ramos.  Johanna had an "interesting" career in banking until a life changing experience occurred that set her life down a new path of discovery, health and entrepreneurism**

Johanna was able to turn her pain into a new lifestyle and is now a Holistic Health Educator, Speaker and Blogger.  She helps people, overwhelmed with how to live naturally healthy lives in an over-processed world, make their body a spiritually, mentally and physically safe place to LIVE through her mission of #EatYourMedicine

If you'd like to learn more about Johanna and her coaching program please be sure to visit her either on her website or social media, all listed here:



**This episode involves a trigger pertaining to pregnancy and loss.

Once you've had a chance to listen to the episode, be sure to come back and listen to this episode where I chatted with a mompreneur that battled infertility and channeled her pain by following her vision for her life.

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