ETC 14: Stesha Sims


Eff the Cubicle is a podcast for mom "side-hustlers over 40 that want a life outside the cubicle and are uncovering their purpose & ready to do dope stuff.  Join them movement!

Today I had a chance to connect with Stesha Sims.  Stesha is the founder of the sassy brand Tea+Shade.  Tea+Shade is a lifestyle mug brand that throws shade for the makers, dreamers, and doers. From 9-5'er to entrepreneurs on their grind, Tea+Shade represents you.

In this episode we chat about how she took the leap, tips to building a business as an introvert and what can happen when you trust your gut.

If you'd like to check out Stesha's mugs or learn more about her be sure to follow her here:




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