ETC 13: Melinda Graham

Eff The Cubicle is a movement for women, especially single-moms that are ready to go from paycheck dependent to launching the side-hustle or full blown business they've always dreamed about. Reclaim your life!

Today I chatted with Melinda Graham, a Master Intuitive and Reiki Level II Practitioner that merged those skills to become a Spiritual Navigator. For many years she denied her personal gifts and after going down the path of self-discovery to gain clarity she began to use them on herself as well as others doing personalized readings and teaching. Her drive is to help people to rediscover their own unique gifts to live healthy empowered lives.

Melinda shares with us what life was like as a teen mom, how she boldly decided to pursue her goals and also some of the tools and tricks she uses every day to stay productive. If you'd like to connect Melinda and learn more about her click one of the links below:




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