ETC 11: Renee Mitchell

Eff The Cubicle is a movement for women, especially single-moms that are ready to go from paycheck dependent to launching the side-hustle or full blown business they've always dreamed about.  Reclaim your life!

In this weeks episode I connect with Renee Mitchell, owner of Well Diva and Fly Life Travel.  Renee's passion for taking care of her body, through healthy eating, as well as her love for travel inspired her to put together wellness retreats as well as a travel group for women.  

Renee shares how she is able to still work her 9-5 while growing her side-hustle.  If you are an avid traveler, or want to be, you'll love hearing more about how Renee brings everything together. 

Want to connect with Renee?  Click any of the links below:


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