Episode 32: Camrys, Amazon and Chimes

Soooo, today we are trying something just a little bit different.  I have a buddy that I'm ALWAYS chatting with about issues like health, wellness, adulting and side-hustles/business.  You know, things everyone talks about everyday in my world lol.  He makes me look at things from a different perspective so I thought what better way to keep the conversations we have going than to put him on the spot and have him on the show!  His name is Brian and while he isn't taking care of his beautiful wife and children he is working a full time job and partaking in building a business on the side.

As this was his first time on the show this episode is a teensy bit rough around the edges including some timing issues with the recording you may notice towards the end.  Know that I wasn't purposely talking over Brian (not really anyway lol) or placing random comments in our discussion  With that said we had fun recording, stepping outside of our comfort zone and had a great discussion about several things including my car situation (sigh, don't judge me for what you will hear on this episode), Amazon Logistics and also chimes (yes, random but funny).

Let's connect soon mmmkay?


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