Episode 30: Cutting the Cable

What's going on y'all!  Have you considered ditching cable and saving that extra coin?  We work super hard for our money and to help stretch our budget a bit more people are making that decision, so it's definitely not anything new or crazy.  A few days I ago I too took that leap so today I share with you my experience and why I chose to do so. 

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ps - I KNOW that I am being super tacky right now but I am in the process of switching everything over to soulboop.com.  I have given myself a deadline of two weeks.  *insert ACK and nailbiting here*


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  • I’ve been without cable for several years and initially it was about cutting expenses. Overtime, I began to appreciate having less noise. I have the firesrick, Netflix and Hulu as well and I think if it were not for our kids, we probably wouldn’t watch as much.

    So since I don’t have a cable to cut off, I’ve been unsubscribing from Facebook groups that don’t serve me, unsubscribing from email lists, spending less time on social media, and putting my phone on do not disturb to take a time out from all the beeps, buzzes and notifications, and cutting off conversations or connections that are too exhausting. As time passes, I’m feeling a bit more free and peaceful.

    Tay W.

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