Episode 29: Staying Sane in the Office


Hey, hey!

Thanks for tuning in!  Today I am giving you a peek into some of the things I do/have that help me stay grounded and sane in the office. 

As promised in the episode here is the link to the diffuser that I currently have on my desk (purchased Feb 2017 and still going strong):


Also, I was able to locate the headphones I purchased as well (May 2017 and work like a champ).  I mentioned that they are under ten dollars but as it turns out they are under twenty:


In other news I am actively working to get the new website up and am working to have it done no later than July 9th!!  I know that the podcast episodes still reflect Eff the Cubicle and I promise I'm getting it all the way together.  Eventually.



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  • Hey Bre,

    Awesomely entertaining podcast today! I loved every bit of it. I’ve been following you for a couple of years now and it’s such a lovely experience to see your growth and how you courageously overcome life’s obstacles. Keep doing what you’re doing chica!

    Your sister in courage,



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